Working With Law Enforcement

Posted 02/01/2018 by Adam | Posted in How to Protest

In this current climate there can be friction between Law Enforcement(LE) and protesters. We encourage all protesters to follow the letter of the law and respect LE.

Always check your local laws regarding pubic code of conduct. We also encourage you to contact your local LE agency to let them know that you will be holding a peaceful protests at which times and dates. This serves two purposes. This let’s LE know that you respect the law, have nothing to hide and are upfront about your intend. In Jacksonville, FL we have found this has helped us to build a relationship with LE and in certain situations kept our protesters safe from aggressive Ringling employees.

Know your 1st Amendment right and even keep a copy of it in your pocket. If you are protesting on public property you are with-in your rights, and video taping it is a great idea. Our protest leaders carry body cams for personal safety and legal reasons.
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