Our posters. Your protests.

We make posters so you can make an impact.

We are OneProtest, a national advocacy group with a decade of experience fighting on the front lines for the protection of animals, from ending circus abuse to stopping bear hunts. We not only protest their inhumane treatment, we investigate and expose it, and we fight hard to end it. We also collaborate with many activist groups across the U.S. and around the world that share our commitment to animal welfare. Our organization seeks to leverage our decade of marketing and protesting experience and create a roadmap to help those activists make lasting change within and beyond their communities. By providing assistance in strategic planning, design/marketing consulting, and protest planning, we can empower others to be even more effective in their campaigns.

Adam Sugalski, the graphic designer who founded OneProtest, has developed a sign making system based on years of experience fighting and winning rights for animals, and that system is FREE to you. Your only cost is printing. It’s called OnePoster.

It’s so easy to use, you can put it to work for your organization today and carry your posters in a protest tomorrow. Your message will be crystal clear to your opponents, the media covering your protest, the public, and the decision makers you want to reach. Take this important step towards making the world a more humane place.

With OnePoster, every advocacy organization has its own pro bono graphic designer on board to help even the playing field between their grassroots effort and the industry or group that they’re protesting. Homemade signs aren’t the answer. We have to fight fire with fire.

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