Start A Protest Today: A Quick Guide

Posted 09/09/2017 by Adam | Posted in How to Protest
  1. Know your First Amendment Rights. Generally, you do not need a permit if you are on public property and do not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic or block entrances. But check with your local municipality. If you expect a large crowd, it’s a good idea to notify law enforcement to prevent issues during your protest. Never argue with or resist law enforcement.
  2. Choose a location for high visibility on public property. Do not park on private property without prior consent of the property owner.
  3. Promote your event. Create a Facebook event, invite friends, and share to relevant local group pages.
  4. ALWAYS remain peaceful. Take the high road. Do NOT engage hostile individuals. Reinforce this message to your attendees. This is vital. Remember that you not only represent your cause, but you represent activists for your cause everywhere.
  5. Document your event. Use photos to build momentum for your cause. You will want to continue sharing your message and progress after your protest through additional protests, email/call in campaigns, op-eds, petitions, etc.
  6. Don’t be intimidated, your cause needs you. Get out there, create awareness and inspire action!