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Posted 04/16/2018

Evaluate Your Protest

It only takes one person to make a difference. One protest can change your whole perspective. It is also very important

Posted 04/16/2018

Documenting Your Protest

Social media plays a fundamental role in the way people experience almost every event these days. It is more crucial now than ever before to document life in real time and share moving stories and memories with the world.

Posted 04/16/2018

The Importance Of Media Coverage

Media coverage not only brings attention to your cause, but helps to draw more supporters from the community to get involved.

Posted 04/16/2018

Choosing The Best Time

In order to make your protest effective, you will need to select a date and time that will maximize attendance and allows for the most exposure.

Posted 04/16/2018

Understanding Your Target

When you pick a cause or group to fight for or against make sure you do you research. For example if you are protesting a circuses that uses animals

Posted 02/01/2018

Working With Law Enforcement

In this current climate there can be friction between Law Enforcement(LE) and protesters. We encourage all protesters to follow the letter of the law and respect LE.